About the Pawcast

We wanted to create a podcast that would resemble the conversations that you would have at a tailgate — any true Clemson fan knows what we’re talking about —which freshmen are we looking forward to seeing this year? Better Clemson player: Sammy or Spiller? Could we contend for the Natty? Should we be worried that Sakerlina might hire a real football coach?

In April 2015 the Clemson Pawcast was born to bring those wonderful tailgate conversations to your smartphones and car speakers year round. We are not experts and don’t claim to be. We are passionate Clemson fans using this platform as a way to stay connected with fellow alumni and spread the excitement of Clemson Athletics.

Subscribe to the Pawcast via your favorite podcasting app (we always publish via SoundCloud, but we’re available on every platform), and enjoy the season!

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