5-0: locked in and focused

Clemson improved to 5-0 on Saturday, winning 43-24 against Georgia Tech.

The defense pitched another gem, giving up two quasi-meaningless blown coverage TDs and a FG on a turnover deep in our territory.

Even more encouraging was the awakening of our passing game, despite rainy conditions. DW4 spread the ball around, and we saw some tremendous play from nearly everyone in the WR corps (yes, even Charone Peake was making plays — mainly in the blocking game). The Wayne Train kept on chooglin’, and the O-Line’s play has been nothing short of inspiring.

Best of all, Clemson avoided major injuries in a matchup that typically produces several.

This was a complete team win, and those expecting a letdown had to look elsewhere in the top 10 for pay dirt.

Let’s enjoy this one, before we move onto our toughest offensive test of the year against the stout Boston College defense:

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